Austrians are stupid and racist, suggests Google

Mar 15, 2016

Austrians are stupid and racist, suggests Google
"The mentality of an Austrian is like a punschkrapfen" Photo: Toni Grass/Wikimedia

Austrians are stupid and racist, suggests Google

Top of the list is the factually questionable ‘Österreicher sind deutsche’ (Austrians are German), followed by ‘sind dumm’ (stupid), and further down the list ‘sind nazis’, ‘sind unfreundlich’ (unfriendly), ‘sind rassisten’ (racist).
The fifth option is ‘Österreicher sind wie punschkrapfen’, referencing the famous saying by the late Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard who described the mentality of Austrians like the pink, chocolate rum pudding ‘punschkrapfen’, because they are red (socialist) on the outside, brown (fascist) on the inside and always a little bit drunk.
A glimmer of hope for Austria’s reputation is the third option on the list: ‘Österreicher sind die besseren deutschen’ (Austrians are the better Germans) and right at the bottom the only factually accurate choice: ‘Österreicher sind keine deutschen’ (Austrians are not Germans).
The stereotypes do not fare much better for the Viennese, who apparently are ‘unfriendly’ and ‘arrogant’. The third most common thought people have about Vienna concerns their sausages. ‘Sind wiener würstchen roh’ (are Viennese sausages raw) is third on the list after using the search term ‘Wiener sind’.

It all seems a bit unfair for Austria. What can they do to change the perception they are unfriendly, stupid, racist Nazis?
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